What is WordPress? How to learn and earn from WordPress

What is WordPress? How to learn and earn from WordPress

Blogging is one of the most important parts of today’s technology. And WordPress is very popular among bloggers. WordPress is a great platform for blogging. This is a great tool for web development, blogging, and IT. WordPress has won the love and trust of people who express their writing talents through the internet.

Today’s article is for those who are new to WordPress or want to start working. If you read today’s article, you will know a lot of new information about what WordPress is, income through it, and how to work.

What is wordpress?

WordPress is a powerful content management system (CMS) built using PHP and Mysql. People who do not know anything about coding can also use it to create good quality websites.

We can easily say, WordPress is a beautiful medium of website creation. Its biggest advantage is that it is completely free and open to everyone. Anyone can create a professional website here for free. All the websites made by WordPress are excellent, as there are opportunities to use PHP and Mysql.

But first of all, even though WordPress is free, you can’t enter here without domain and hosting. Domain and hosting are not free. And the first condition for creating a website is domain and hosting.

The surprising news is, about 37% of Internet websites have been created using WordPress. According to a 2019 survey, 9% of the world’s top one lakh websites are made by WordPress.

WordPress is easy to use. That’s why it is popular. Even newcomers can easily understand their simple system. Also, WordPress is much more SEO friendly.

What is WordPress plugin?

Initially, all websites created by WordPress look the same. However, new designs and features for a website based on websites and blogs are beneficial. And you need to add different designs and features to stay ahead of the website’s competitors. Plugins do this.

Plugin is a software that can be installed in WordPress to create new designs for the site and add new features to the site.

Plugin is a lot like the applications in the Google Play Store. Like we add new features by downloading various applications on Android phones, the site’s design can be improved by adding different plugins to the WordPress website, and various new features can be added.

Here are the things that can be done in WordPress using the plugin –

  • Website Speed Increase
  • Website Security Increase
  • Notification Option
  • Email Subscription
  • Author Box
  • Author Profile
  • Social Media Sharing Button

There are many more websites in the market but only WordPress has this plugin feature. For example, the Blogger site does not have any plugin features like WordPress.

How to learn WordPress?

As we said before, using WordPress is very easy. People with little knowledge of website can easily create a website with the help of WordPress.

You can easily create a website with WordPress. You don’t need any training for this, you just need the help of Google. Various websites offer WordPress tutorials and solutions to various minor issues. These can be easily found through Google search. If you want, you can follow the articles on WordPress on our site.

www.wpbeginner.com is a good site for beginners. All aspects of WordPress are nicely discussed here. If you are proficient in English, it will not be a problem to understand this site and work in WordPress.

Plugin and theme customization is an important task in WordPress. You need to know programming languages like HTML, Css, Php, JavaScript to do WordPress plugin or theme customization. If you want to learn programming language, you have to do a good course. There are many good courses on YouTube for free. You can do better courses on different websites at a lower cost if you want.

There is nothing to be tense about the course. Doing the course is not necessary for everyone. Because the basic tasks of plugin and theme customization can be done by watching various tutorials. But professionals must do a good course. This will help them learn new things and stay ahead of the competition.

How long does it take to learn WordPress?

Not everyone has the same learning ability. The more you practice, the more you will learn.If you try your best, it is possible to learn WordPress in just one week.

How to start working? How to upload blogs? And all the other problems can be solved just by watching a YouTube video. We have repeatedly said that it is really easy to use.

All that is left is the work of plugin and theme setup. It needs to be done only one time. There is usually no need to change the design of the website. Somebody can do this by watching a good tutorial a few times.

So, there is nothing to worry about. You can let us know if there are any problems. We will try our best to solve your problem.

Earnings from WordPress

It is possible to earn money in different ways through WordPress. If you can work properly, the amount of income will be fair.

The main ways to earn money from WordPress are –

  • Earnings from WordPress through blogging
  • Earnings through WordPress themes and plugin development
  • Earnings by creating WordPress websites
  • Earnings through WordPress website maintenance
  • Earnings from WordPress migration, move or transfer

Earnings from WordPress through blogging

One of the best places for blogging is WordPress. Although anyone can create all kinds of websites with WordPress, it is basically blog-centric by feature. So blogging through WordPress is comfortable and easy.

Many people are making a lot of money every day by creating blogs on WordPress. Blogging is very straightforward here, with the help of various plugins and many themes. The number of blogs created in WordPress is increasing day by day.

The primary condition of income through blogs is visitors. Bloggers rely on Google for visitors. SEO friendly websites and articles are needed to get visitors.

Advanced SEO can be done by using WordPress plugins. Plugins make this task easier. Security can be easily fixed through various features of WordPress. So now everyone’s first choice for blogging is WordPress.

Earnings through WordPress themes and plugin development

As mentioned earlier, WordPress themes and plugins are significant. Theme is the design script of a website. Any website can be designed with the help of a theme. And the plugin is a kind of AddOn. New features can be added to the website with the help of plugins.

The theme in WordPress is used to transform websites. And plugins are used to work on specific parts.

Different programmers create these themes and plugins. They are called plugin and theme developers. If you wish, you too can learn this work and upload themes and plugins in WordPress. All you need is good skills.

WordPress has a free version of every theme and plugin. There is also a premium version. If people benefit from using the free version, they are interested in buying a premium version.

It is possible to earn a lot of money from WordPress by selling premium versions of themes and plugins.

Earnings by creating WordPress websites

There are many busy programmers in the market. Many of them need other people to build their website. And most importantly, not everyone is good at everything. Through your efforts, you can be an expert in WordPress.

Once you become proficient, you can earn good money by creating other people’s websites. There are many advertisements for creating websites on various online outsourcing platforms such as Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr.

Many people want to use WordPress in their blogs. Not everyone can do this job properly. So they chose the blog setup service. You can advertise various services on your website. The work that you are skilled at, you can beautifully present to the buyers. Advertisement makes it easier to find buyers.

On-click WordPress installing systems have been added to many hosting cpanels. Using this system, you can install WordPress more easily.

Earnings through WordPress website maintenance

Many companies hire people to maintain their websites. Because big companies have more work, they have to work with different sectors. So they keep separate people in website maintenance.

If you are proficient in WordPress, you can earn a good income through website maintenance of a big company or any client.

To maintain a website, you need to know some common tasks, such as – theme and plugin updates, hosting management, security, and CD N setup.

Plugins play the most crucial role in performing these types of tasks. Plugins are the core of website maintenance. It isn’t easy to operate a website without plugins.

Here are some excellent website management plugins –

  • InfiniteWP
  • ManageWP
  • MainWP

Earnings from WordPress migration, move or transfer

Website migration is the transfer of a website from one platform to another. The demand for WordPress is increasing day by day. Many people are bringing their website to WordPress from different platforms.

Many do not know anything about WordPress due to being on another platform for a long time. They look for skilled people to move their website to WordPress. They hire skilled people from various outsourcing platforms in exchange for money.

There are many people who want to change the hosting of their website. This also requires skilled people. Inexperienced but big website owners need so many skilled people.

You can get WordPress website migration jobs through various online outsourcing platforms –

  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • Fiverr

You can also advertise your work by creating your own website. This will allow clients to contact you directly. The advantage is that you do not have to share your earnings with a third party.

You might be surprised to know that skilled people charge between 5 dollars to 50 dollars to migrate to a website.

Many may think that skilled people are taking more money because the work may be difficult. It is a misconception. Migrating websites to WordPress is not a difficult task.

Websites can be migrated to WordPress with just two things. One is the zip file of WordPress, and the other is a plugin that supports the transfer. Various backup plugins can be used by a WordPress zip file. You need to migrate the website using these backup plugins.

We use the UpdraftPlus plugin for web site backups and transfers.

Special Note

Working in WordPress is exceptionally straightforward; that’s true. And working on WordPress is better than all other platforms. But the advice for newcomers is that they should practice on the blogger site first. Practice makes it more convenient to work in WordPress.



After the first article, we learned what WordPress is, what is plugin, how to learn, how long it takes to learn, and ways to earn money.

In WordPress’s next installments, we will discuss the theme customization and various plugins in detail. I hope you stay with us.

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